WMSD - Worldwide mollusc species DB Bagni Liggia

--- Taxon Tree: HETERODONTA [Subclass]-EUHETERODONTA [Infraclass]-IMPARIDENTIA [Superorder]-LUCINIDA [Order]-LUCINOIDEA [Superfamily]
------ Family: MACTROMYIDAE (Sea)
click for details 7242000085 7242000092 7242000093 7242000094 7242000095 7242000096 7242000097 7242000098 7242000099 7242000100 7242000101 7242000102 7242000105 7242000106 7242000109 7242000115 7242000122 7242000124 7242000125 7242000134

red squares show Living species, yellow squares show Fossil species

you can click on each square to get details

the total number of georeferenced species in this map is: 23 from a total of 28

please note that this is not the complete coverage of this family
the Data Base is not exaustive and only one specimen per species has been georeferenced

this map is only the graphic summary of the WMSDB Data Base up to now

Author: Claudio Galli - last updated: 27/ago/2017