WMSD - Worldwide mollusc species DB Bagni Liggia

--- Taxon Tree: NERITIMORPHA [Subclass] - CYCLONERITIMORPHA [Order] - HELICINOIDEA [Superfamily]
------ Family: PROSERPINIDAE Gray, 1847 (Land)
------------ Genus: Proserpina G.B. Sowerby, 1839
--------------- Species: Proserpina bidentata (C.B. Adams, 1850) - ID: 5084000006
Jamaica  Map center:  N: 18° 8' 17'' W: 77° 22' 24''  - Grid: 5° - click to open
Additional DB records:
  • Jamaica, Haining, Portland Parish
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Blue Mountains
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Cambridge
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Devils Elbow
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Drivers River, John Crow Mountains
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Ecclesdown, John Crow Mountains
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, John Crow Mountains
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Long Bay, John Crow Mountains
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, main ridge of John Crow Mountains
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Mulatto River, NW of Devils Elbow
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Nonesuch
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Rose Garden Mountain
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, West of Ecclestown, Jungle Creek
  • Jamaica, Portland Parish, Williamsfield
  • Jamaica, Portland, N of Big Level, John Crow Mountains
  • Jamaica, St. Thomas Parish, Rowlandsfield
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